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Hiro Furukawa – Pursuer of Beauty

Mr. Hiro Furukawa is a porcelain artist who pursues genuinely beautiful works.

“ I have been striving to create beautiful works which touch people’s hearts and provide comfort. I believe they make people feel relieved and happy. To do that, I need to improve myself as a person.”

As his words, his works are exquisite and finely detailed. Especially he is good at portrait which is said the most difficult genre in plaque paintings. Nowadays he paints “Geisha” and “Maiko”, Japanese traditional female entertainers who entertain their guests with dance, traditional music and singing at banquets. It is a challenge for him. He has been trying expressing his world with his western style painting method. We are delighted to have an opportunity to show you some photos and movies on his latest work.

◆ 1st Painting (Movie : Part 1-4)

Movie : Portrait painting on round porcelain plaque Part 1

After rough drawing with carbon paper, he started painting. He mainly used F-series colors. He sometimes added P8 series colors (MITAMURA’s long-selling colors) for shadows. He painted naturally, not too dark, imaging the colors after firing. It is important to keep in mind that some colors tend to fade out to some extent when get fired. He finished all the parts with light colors and proceeded to the 1st firing.

1st Painting (before firing)
1st Painting (before firing)

Here are the photos of the work after 1st firing. You can see that some colors considerably faded out.

After 1st firing
After 1st firing

◆ 2nd Painting (Movie : Part 5-8)

Movie : Portrait painting on round porcelain plaque Part 5

After 1st firing, the 2nd painting started. He added many beautiful shades. Some were delicate and subtle, others were strong. He used more colors compared to the 1st painting and expressed realistic texture of skin, hair and Kimono. At the same time, he kept in mind painting not too dark because colors would not faded out at the 2nd firing compared to the 1st firing.

2nd Painting (before firing)
2nd Painting (before firing)

Here are the photos of the work after 2nd firing. You can see there is almost no difference between the colors before firing and those of after firing.

After 2nd firing
After 2nd firing

◆ 3rd Painting (Movie : Part 9-10)

Movie : Portrait painting on round porcelain plaque Part 9

He created more shades and painted details in this stage. You can see he used brushes very well to create realistic texture of skin and roundish cheeks. He used white color for lighted areas.

He repeated this painting and firing process for 7 times and finally this work was completed.


As you have just seen, his works are beautiful and fascinate people. He thinks that porcelain painting is his only strength and he encountered it to work on it.

“I think this is my destiny. Now I feel it is my mission to develop my strength and make the best use of it.”

“I have a dream that my works have the power to touch people’s hearts and to have a good influence on future generations, even just a little.”

“I am really grateful for those who support my artistic development. I will make further efforts in providing better works.”

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